CoFANCY Special Edition Set£üGood Morning Box


Frequency Daily Wear
Material HEMA
Base Curve 8.7mm
Lens Diameter 14.2mm
Graphic Diameter 13.3mm
Water Content 55¡À2%
Lens Type Plano and Myopia?


New Arrival: *CoFANCY Soft Contact Lenses Set*

Lest start a fresh day with CoFANCY!

It includes: 2 soft contact lenses 30PCS*2; 1 carol sunset blush; 1 toast shape puff; 1 avocado beauty blender; 1 cookie case applicator tools.

Our soft contact lenses are designed to be comfortable all day long, as well as provide adequate vision correction and good protection from the sun. Instead of embarrassing deposits on your glasses or frames, there's no need to remove them before eating or drinking or playing.

*If you have astigmatism correction below the -1.50 threshold, You can just choose the lenses according to your sights.

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