About us

“I still vividly remember how restricted I felt back in high school—uniforms were required, and we weren’t allowed to wear makeup or experiment with hair colors. Colored Contacts were all I got, As I tried 100+ pairs, they are either too fake or too dry to wear, none of them really meet my expectations. That's the moment I realized our generation needs some comfortable colorful contacts to help us embrace ourselves. That's why I created CoFANCY."
Inspired by highlighters in cosmetics, CoFANCY created Highlight Moment Collection. Reflecting our unique ethos, our Highlighter contact lenses utilize high-gloss technology to express your unique sparkle and celebrate your individuality
Eyes are the window to our souls, and our innovative contact lenses are enabling our customers to create powerful first impressions by expressing their unique beauty and passion.
With product lines such as chromatic weakness correction contact lenses and high-gloss effect contacts, CoFANCY aims to promote a healthier vision for all.

Healthy Vision for All

CoFANCY works closely with the Visually Impaired Children’s Foundation to help realize a brighter and more beautiful future for our future generations.

Building Sustainability

Sustainability is a core tenet of both our mission and our vision of building a brighter and more beautiful world. To that end, our contact lenses molds utilize eco-friendly materials.

Ensuring Quality

Your safety is of our utmost concern, and our mission is to help protect our beautiful world and build a more sustainable future. Through this entirely unique approach, we ensure ultra-hygienic and skin conditions for your contact lenses.