What you need to know before you buy colored contact lenses?

CoFANCY recommend you read the following 5 tips before you purchase any colored contact lenses.

1. Learn about different colors

During picking a pair of colored lenses you might come up with a variety of products, but it’s always the best to choose a color that suits you, firstly you can think about your skin tone and hair color and check out some try on ideas before making a decision, secondly if you're seeking for a subtle change, you can consider going with a shade near the tone of your natural eye color and also to add definition around the edges of the iris. Lastly if you want to pick something pop up and creates a big difference, consider some bold colors as your favorite ones !

2. Learn about your prescription

The size you pick is extremely important for both comfort and health of your eyes , In CoFANCY you can simply choose different sizes for each of your eyes and perfectly create a good vision and unique look!

3. Learn how to insert, remove and care for your contacts

Lenses that aren’t cleaned properly run the risk of an infection and infection is what can cause different problems for vision. To learn how often you are supposed to dispose and clean your contacts, with CoFANCY colored contact lenses you can choose daily, monthly and half year products.

4. Buy your contacts from a reputable source 

Unfortunately there are a lot of sites online that don’t provide safer majors for products and materials, All the products from CoFANCY are internationally certified from FDA & CA & ISO & Ministry of health, labour and welfare of Japan. Which will give you plenty of options to change your gorgeous look !

5. Never ever share your contact lenses with anyone

With a little color in your contact lenses, you can give your eyes a makeover but during the safety and different proper prescription for each person you should not share with others , which will cause different discomfort for your vision!