What year did colored contacts come out?

People who have blue eyes always remind us ocean, sea. Blue eyes can always attract people, that’s why a lot of people who are non-blue eyes tend to buy blue-colored contact lenses. But for people who have blue eyes, what colored contact lenses can be suitable for them?
Such as CoFANCY Honey Peach Pink-colored contact lenses will be a great choice. Wearing these colored contact lenses will give your eyes a natural and unique look with various colors, revealing your special charm.
CoFANCY Glacier Grey Colored Contact Lenses will blend well with blue eyes and give a good combination between grey and blue colors.
Purple and blue will blend into a blue-violet color. This color of eyes will give a mysterious look.
There are more colors that can blend well with blue eyes, I think they should not be afraid of trying different colored contact lenses.