What is CoFANCY AB-Side lenses?

As what our customers know, AB-Side lenses are one of the unique designs from CoFANCY. But what makes it so different from other brand? And why it's a must-have for everyone?

A Breaking Through Design

Subverting the tradition and breaking through the inherent thinking, who said that cosmetic contact lenses can only be installed in subdivided boxes? They can also be placed in the training of CoFANCY-Lab

The A side and B side of the Mobius ring are combined into one side, which represents the non-placement of multi-dimensional space, just like every girl is also a three-dimensional and multi-faceted unity, rejecting monotony and breaking through life, using the principle of optical reflection to create CoFANCY two-color gradient high-gloss cosmetic contact lenses, due to the progressive change of the two-color high-gloss design, presents a sense of visual flow, creating 3D stereoscopic eyes.

Must-Have Makeup items

Our patented technology in manufacturing processes, from mold injection to packaging is completed with automatic robotic and arm production which will creates more safe with no error contact lenses.

CoFANCY colored contact are a very great reform in optical cosmetics products. Firstly they’ll let you enjoy three-dimensional color transitions with no contact between color and eyeball and shapes an extremely comfortable way for your eyes. Secondly by creating a curve on the edge of the lenses, forming a gap with the eyeball, allowing air and tears normal circulation.

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