Throwback to the 80’s Makeups!

Throwback to the 80’s Makeups!

Do you want to know what people's favorite makeup looks like in the 80s? This article will answer this hopeful question for you, and will also provide some makeup tips.

Makeup in the 80s means that we can try bold colors in makeup to give our faces a trendy look, such as neon colors, and also have bold and bushy brows. At the same time, combined with the makeup skills of the 80s, we can also have colorful eyes, such as neon purple contacts and other colored contacts.

Those who have lived through the 1980s know that that era was a very interesting moment in history. Beauty makeup had some ups and downs in the 1980s. The good news is that about 30 years later, the makeup trend of the 1980s is making a comeback.

Thirty years later, we are again ready to welcome the return of the bright and powerful makeup of the 80s, which will take you out of the comfort zone of modern makeup. In fact, this is the essence of makeup in the 80s. And all of this is to be able to innovate our current makeup. Imagine David Bowie, early Madonna, Cindy Lauper, etc.

Before we discuss the trend of gorgeous makeup in the 80s, we have to mention many different products used by ladies in the 80s. But those girls just want to have fun, right? With this in mind, let's take a look at some trends that are making a comeback.


1. Ultra-Contours

Just a few short years ago, people thought that blush is not an important makeup step. Chiseled skin has become more and more popular, which makes many people give up blushing altogether. But like other trends, some things that were previously considered obsolete are back - and are likely to be more popular than ever. This summer, we saw brightly colored, super red cheeks everywhere, taking inspiration from the beautiful looks of the 70s and 80s. Blush has become so popular that by now, makeup artists and enthusiasts have popularized a particularly bold makeup style: the blush Ultra-Contour trend. 

The Ultra-Contours of the blush is the same as it sounds; it is usually used on contours or bronze shades to shape the face, such as the depression of the cheeks and around the forehead. This trend can be traced back to the colorful blush appearance popular with idols in the 1970s such as David Bowie, and continued into the 1980s with stars such as blonde lead singer Debbie Harry.

In the past few decades, exaggerated blush is usually accompanied by bright eyeshadow colors, but now it is regarded as the focal point of summer makeup. In other words, the blush Ultra-Contours trend is more like a comprehensive "I just spent a day on the beach" shine, rather than an eye-catching stage preparation look, closer to our daily lives.




2. Colorful Eyeshadows


In the 80s, a cool girl meant having colorful eyeshadows, while other normal colors didn't work. In that era, if you want to be cool, your eyeshadow must have some different colors. Such as blue, pink and purple. Some girls even combine all these colors when applying makeup. 


Today, we see some ladies with pink lips or bright eyes. But we don't often see these two combinations together. You can easily achieve rocker eye makeup with a blendable gel eyeliner. This is what made the ‘80s "a hot mess".

If it can be done gently, the appearance effect will be very good. If you want to be as real as possible, try the raccoon look from the ‘80s. What’s more, colorful eyeshadows can help you to do that.



This is what our parents have been doing in the past. on Instagram, the newest way to use eyeshadow is a powdery shade that extends from the eyelashes to the eyelids. Mastering this technique is very easy, and some can be done with your fingers. In addition, you can use Hollywood makeup techniques to get the best makeup look.



This exquisite appearance has actually existed for some time. For example, a few years ago, designers like Gucci, Stella McCartney, Victoria Beckham, Valentino, Ralph Lauren, etc. chose to use lip balm to smear lips or to smear lips with the weakest color. Gentle lips do not mean that there is no color. The latter is a complete rejection of makeup, while the former is delicate makeup. This is a great way to get a simple 80s makeup look, choose bare lips and colored eyeshadow.


3. Sunny Shades like Christie Brinkley


Around 1980, both men and women liked to go to the beach after makeup. This means adding a lot of colors close to the sea in your makeup. Such as coral lipstick, shiny golden eye shadow and other sunny shades. You can understand why this trend is making a comeback. Nowadays, ladies like to look like bronze goddesses, and the makeup of the 80s made this possible.

This is one I can still actually get behind completely. Coral lipstick, shimmery-gold eyeshadow, and Christie Brinkley = bronze goddess


Why is there a comeback after 80? Because the 1980s was an extreme period of fashion, music, and makeup. At the same time, they are also an era full of creativity. In the 1980s, people first heard of things like colored mascara. Although it is normal to apply burnt orange, green, or cobalt to eyelashes these days, in the 1980s, colored mascara was a revolution.

The good news is that the atmosphere in the 80s looks better than ever. Nowadays, we have 80s makeup and we can also make them beautiful.