The Most Sustainable Contact Lenses Brand——CoFANCY®

In the process of producing contact lenses, CoFANCY® insisted on producing only one lens per mold in order to ensure product quality. At the same time, We do more projects about uniformly recycling and reforming the used disposable molds.
Through Eco-friendly methods, we use disposal Polypropylene mold materials to cross-link PVC under the action of ester modifiers to efficiently synthesize high-performance and soft hybrid materials, and transform discarded molds into practical bags.
It not only solves the problem of disposal of production waste, but also achieves a practical expression of science and Beauty.
While using high cost to maintain the High-end comfort of products, we have always taken care of the sustainability. CoFANCY® hopes you can join us anytime and anywhere to do little things for our environment.