Why FDA approval is a must for you?

Widespread concern over these unregulated lenses subsided over time, but everyyear, the FDA, Federal Trade Commission, and American Academy of Ophthalmology remind customers to be wary of purchasing colored lenses without FDA approvals. They warn of the potential for severe eye infections and even partial blindness.

The FDA requires vendors to register products on its site before they can be commercially distributed; it’s a process overseas vendors can afford to neglect since their businesses don’t rely solely on American customers. However, CoFANCY got that covered.

Since CoFANCY was built, all the products that put on the market are not only FDA-approved but also ISO-qualified, 3CE confirmed. This shows how much CoFANCY actually cares about its product’s qualities and how much CoFANCY cares about its customer’s health.

Even though CoFANCY may sound like a new company to the US customer, It already sold 10M boxes to more than 14M customers in PRC. All the good reviews explain why you should try them out.

“Good product speaks for itself, We only provide what’s good for CoFANCY’s customers. And if they are really good, they will promote themselves. “Said Caroline, the founder of CoFANCY.