Express Your Personality With Your Eye Color

There are a lot of things that color a person's personality: eye color, gender, hair color, height…

But have you ever stopped to think about how your eye color affects your personality?

According to psychologists and other experts, the colors we see can affect our emotions. For example, someone with green eyes might be more likely to be energetic and outgoing than someone with brown eyes. Or perhaps someone with blue eyes is more likely to be passive and quiet than someone with red eyes.

The colors we see can also affect how others perceive us. Perhaps someone with brown eyes is seen as more trustworthy than someone with green eyes. Or maybe a person with blue eyes is perceived as more intelligent than someone with brown eyes.

This all makes sense when you think about it—blue is associated with trust and loyalty, while brown is associated with warmth and sincerity. So if people are more likely to trust you because of your eye color, wouldn't they also be more willing to buy from you?