Do You Know The Color of August?

Do You Know The Color of August?


What is the birthstone in August? At the end of summer, what color is best for our usual outfits? The answer is peridot, which is not only the birthstone in August, but also allows us to show our personal charm in the hot summer. This article will lead you to understand peridot and how to wear it.

1. What is the color for August?

The August birthstone is peridot, and the August birthstone is yellow-green in color.

At the end of summer, hot weather and abundant greenery are the time for cool activities, light summer clothing and a laid-back lifestyle. The August party is not the time to display serious diamonds or elegant pearls-it's time to put on a brisk sundress, a pair of olive-green earrings in the color of the birthstone of August, and a green cosmetic contact lens. Olivine, the birthstone of August, is one of the few gems that are naturally olive-green, and has actually only been found in this hue. This is very friendly for those who have birthdays in August or those who just like stones, because olive green is one of the colors that makes everyone look gorgeous.

If you enter the phrase "What is the birthstone of August" on the website, you may receive a confusing answer. Is it olivine or olivine? The simple answer is that both terms refer to the same gemstone, although the term currently used for gem-quality specimens is olivine, which is derived from the Greek word and means "give richness."

To say that green is a popular gem color is a simple description. Emerald is now the most popular time. In addition, turquoise has also become the focus of attention. Now peridot is becoming more and more familiar to jewelry designers and consumers. The raw olivine crystals that have recently flooded the market have lowered the price, so that the price of olivine is more affordable and can be used by everyone without diminishing its unique beauty. Those looking for peridot can find a variety of jewelry inlaid with peridot, from earrings to rings to necklaces. Those looking for large, well-cut peridot are rare and expensive. On the contrary, small gems of good quality are easy to find. Even if you were not born in August, Peridot will add gorgeous color to the late summer tan and wardrobe.


2. What color goes well with peridot?

Green has many meanings. It is the color of birth, renewal and rebirth. If you are unlikely to choose this hue in your clothing, peridot jewelry can bring new vitality to your existing wardrobe. Add this hue to neutral colors-white/cream, navy blue, gray, brown and black-to create a new unique look.

With the color combination of bright blue and black, the designer will launch a bright blue suit jacket every season. Whether you choose a pencil skirt or pants, you can wear this olive green brooch on the jacket lapel to show your personality.

I heard that the gray suit must be boring? If you use bright green to embellish this monochrome classic suit. According to the tailoring of the jacket, wear the olive green brooch on the lapel or shoulder of the jacket. If you wear olive green earrings, please add your real or artificial diamond earrings.

The olive green brooch can also be matched with a navy blue suit and cream silk shirt. For this style of jacket, wear the brooch on the shoulder. Your artificial or real diamond stud earrings are the only other jewelry you need.

Olive green trousers are paired with white tops and suit jackets. You can also combine green with other earth tones. In addition, the olive green tea brooch elevates the cool and casual olive hue to a feminine and delicate appearance.

If you can add olive green contact lenses to the above combinations, you will become an eye-catcher in the crowd. The high-end taste, the perfect fusion of green and August, allows you to enjoy this life to the fullest.


3. Can I have Peridot Looks With Contacts?

Well, we are here to say, absolutely yes! Wearing them will make you look great, because your eyes will attract the attention of others! Use a pair of bright Peridot Colored Contacts to show your sweet and feminine personality. Charming and exotic, this unconventional eye color will definitely make your eyes stand out from the crowd.

Colored Contacts allow you to change your eye color in subtle, bold, or any way in between. Regardless of whether you need to correct your vision, colored contact lenses require a prescription. This is because all contact lenses are considered medical devices, and if they are not installed, worn and maintained properly, they may harm your eyes.

Here, I have to mention the CoFANCY cosmetic contact lenses again, which have been certified by a professional organization and have a test certificate. CoFANCY's green colored contact lenses can create charming eyes, you can see that your eyes have never been so charming!

In addition, colored contact lenses can change the color of your eyes and correct nearsightedness (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness) or astigmatism. Let you produce a better visual experience.


According to the article, we can know that olive-green clothing allows us to fully show our personal style in the hot summer. In addition to personal classic wear, green contact lenses are also very necessary. Among them, CoFANCY's beautiful green contact lenses are a good choice. Whether your eyes are big or small, whether your eyes are nearsighted or not, it is a good choice. They can make your whole more coordinated and attract attention.