Is CoFNACY Colored Contact Lens safe?

We are doing it Right & Safe. CoFANCY insists on producing only one piece of colored contact lenses per mold.

Each colored contact lens is made by pressing the upper and lower two pieces of mold by the machine arm, the shape of the pupil is pressed out by upper and lower molds. Finally, solidified by illumination. The quality of the mold decides the comfort of the colored contact lens, so we ensure that each contact lens is super hygienic and flawless, and precisely accurate to the degree, with FDA-Approved and No prescription needed.

Through our unique method, CoFANCY colored contact lenses will reduce the dryness and redness while it can enlarge your eyes and make your eyes more attractive. You don’t have to worry about the discomfort of wearing contact lenses and for the best part, CoFANCY colored contact lenses are FDA-Approved, and no need for a prescription.