What types of colored contact lenses should I try?

CoFANCY wants to convey the idea that colored contact lenses should not only make you look prettier, but also make you be more confident and outstanding. We have 4 series of colored contact lenses at CoFANCY. They are Highlight MomentHighlight Pro, AB-Side StarKINA. In each series, we want to share different ideas.

For example, in the Highlight Moment series, by adding a gilmer into the lens, we effectively increase the brightness of the eyes and encourage everyone to shine and blossom their own highlight moments with confidence.

lot of people who have a dark eye feel like it is hard to find a suitable colored contact for dark eyes. In CoFANCY, you will find a perfect colored lens for dark eyes and it will blend well with your dark eyes.

On the other hand, we try to improve the water content of colored contact lenses. As we know, different places have different levels of humidity. so we offer contact lenses that have multiple options of the water content of lenses wherever you are, you will find a perfect lens for you.

The main principle of CoFANCY is making perfect colored contact lenses to achieve and show your self-worth, be confident and be proud of yourself.