Benefits Of Wearing Contact Lense

Glasses mean large lenses sitting in front of your eyes. But contact lenses are much smaller and they rest directly on your eyes. Because of this, contacts actually offer many advantages over glasses. Join us as we consider all these benefits in more detail!

1. Increased Comfort

First up: greater comfort! It may sound uncomfortable to place a lens directly on your eye, but it’s not. Contacts are designed to be comfortable. They are usually made of breathable material that maintains maximum moisture. 

Glasses can be very uncomfortable. The bridge of your nose and the tops of your ears may grow sore after prolonged wear. Especially now that we are wearing masks every day! Contacts won't cause this problem. As long as they're worn correctly, contact lenses should feel comfortable all day long.

2. Full Field of Vision

Contacts allow for full visual acuity! You won't need to turn your head to see something beside you. Instead, you'll be able to merely move your eyes to the side in order to see. Glasses, on the other hand, block your peripheral vision.

You also won't have to deal with frames getting in your line of sight. Contact lenses give you complete access to an obstruction-free field of vision.

3. They Don't Break Easily

The frames of your glasses may break in any number of circumstances. You may accidentally trip, fall off your bike, or not catch them in time when they're slipping off. However, contacts won't break in any of these situations. As long as you care for your contacts and wear them properly, you probably won't experience much damage.

While it's possible for contact lenses to break or tear, it’s still harder to destroy them when compared to glasses. And as you get better with your lenses, you'll likely have fewer problems with them.

4. They're Ideal for Exercise and Sports

Do you like to get out and participate in physical activities? Whether you enjoy running, tennis, basketball or something else, sports and exercise involve a lot of movement. That movement can cause some real slipping annoyance if you're wearing glasses. Glasses also fog up a lot with the littlest amount of sweating.

Unlike glasses, contacts move with you perfectly. You won't have to worry about keeping them on. Instead, you'll be free to focus on enjoying your sport or activity. Contacts also never mist over or fog up during your workout or game.

While it’s possible for contacts to fall out, the chances are pretty low. It's definitely much less likely to happen than your glasses falling off. Contacts give you way more freedom of movement!

5. They Won't Cramp Your Style

One major advantage contacts have over glasses is that they’re invisible. Choosing a pair of glasses can be a major hassle since you want to find something you look good in. You won't have to worry about that with contact lenses.

Unless, of course, you want them to be noticeable. Then you can explore options like colored lenses and even cat-eye lenses! If you love sunglasses, you'll be able to choose any pair you want! You won't be limited to ones with prescriptions.

If your eyesight needs correcting and you don't want to change your look, contacts are the way to go.

6. Experience Life Unencumbered

It may sound melodramatic, but glasses can really get in the way of some great life moments! Think about it. How might those glasses cause a problem during a first kiss?

Thrill rides at amusement parks, horseback rides on the beach, a run to someone you haven't seen in years, you name it! Glasses can impede your movement and ruin a perfect moment.

Luckily, contact lenses are less likely to do that. While they can slip out of place, they won't fall off your face or get in the way when you move in for that kiss.

7. Love the Weather, Rain or Shine!

Contact lenses are great for people who love to be out in all kinds of weather. Even if you prefer the sunshine, you'll love not having foggy vision. You'll enjoy a much more natural view when you don’t have to deal with changes in precipitation.

Muddy day? No worries about having to constantly wipe off your glasses. Instead, your lenses are nestled safely in your eyes. So even if someone decides to drive through the mud puddle that's next to you, you'll still be able to see clearly.

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