Back To School looks in 2021

At the beginning of school, are you thinking about preparing something? This article is to tell you some versatile clothes and decorations at the beginning of school. Classic denim and black leggings are indispensable. In addition, natural color contact lenses are also very necessary, because they can attract everyone’s attention and leave a very good first impression. In 2021, you must have it.


1. The Go-To Denim.

No matter where you are, denim is your choice at any time of the year. However, we have to admit that when summer comes and our skirts and dresses become the stars of our clothing, our blue jeans are in a secondary position. However, since the beginning of the semester is only two weeks away, it is time for us to get rid of that summer mentality and start thinking about what you want to wear on campus or high school campus. This means you will start to think about all the denim style clothes you like.

Jeans are also our usual savior. When we don't plan a week's clothing in advance, they are easy to wear as a choice. In addition, when we only have five minutes to get dressed due to the alarm clock snoozing too many times, we especially need cowboys to recover, otherwise you will miss your bus. Although backpacks and school supplies are temporary, jeans (just like back-to-school shoes) are forever. And forever, what we mean is that you actually want to continue creating garments with them, rather than leaving them behind your locker or closet.

The school will start again soon, which means...yes, it’s time to start planning our first day of clothing. We all want our appearance to be different. Fortunately, there are now a large number of easy-to-wear styles that are popular, basically requiring zero effort. Just like suspender skirts-wear them in any jacket, on any T-shirt or with any shoes, they always look cool. Or tie-dye-pair it with zebra patterns, mommy jeans or bicycle shorts (it's very versatile). So, from now on, let's start to pay more attention to denim! 

2. The Black Leggings.

Of course, in addition to jeans, black leggings are also the clothes we really need in our wardrobe. We all know that they are great for exercise. Besides, the right pair of pants can keep you comfortable and stylish in everything from running errands to fun night outings. You can even wear some black leggings as trousers to work or school (yes, really!). But with so many options, you also need to find a pair of shoes that really feel comfortable, look good, and durable.

If you are looking for a pair of black fitness leggings, please choose a pair of leggings made of high-performance fibers (ie synthetic fibers) such as nylon or polyester. They usually absorb moisture and wick away sweat, are more durable and opaque, and have better elasticity than cotton. If you want a pair of casual wear or under longer tops and dresses (that is, it does not need to be completely opaque), plant fibers like cotton, lyocell or modal may be softer and less compressible. You can also find fashionable leggings made of thicker fabrics such as artificial leather or ponte, so that they are easier to wear as pants.

Flat seams on the inside are more comfortable than raised seams, and they are especially important in training leggings to avoid irritation caused by sweat and friction. If you are going to move frequently, make sure to have a gusset (triangular or diamond-shaped fabric in the crotch area) to prevent them from moving upwards.

Pay attention to the above, then you will choose the black leggings that suit you best.


3. The Back To School Makeups

The school season means a new beginning. We started from buying new books and pens to trying new hairstyles in the first week of class to boost your confidence. There are various preparations before the important day.

Of course, your beautiful appearance on the first day is also very important. We have collected the best back-to-school makeup ideas that are far from the basics of textbooks. Whether you want a natural makeup look or want to try a stylish look that is almost too cool for school, we have all the inspiration you need to complete the final bell.

You can use a small eyeshadow brush to apply peach or orange on the entire eyelid, from the crease upwards, along the lower lash line. Then, look back at everything you just did with the bronze shade. Makeup artist Katie Jane Hughes (Katie Jane Hughes) said: "Using peaches as a base makeup can soften the look and transition to bronze.

After that, in order to make your eyelashes fully stand out and enhance the smoky appearance of the appearance, use a chocolate eyeliner to outline your upper and lower water lines. Hughes said that the top waterline can be tricky, so look down in the mirror and use it to gently pull up the lid as you walk. Then add a touch of Maybelline Volum' Express The Colossal Big Shot mascara or other mascara you like.

"Because the eyes are very strong, the lips and cheeks should be kept soft," Hughes said. Apply a soft pink blush along the cheekbones.

In addition, CoFANCY's color lenses can also help you enlarge your eyes well and make your eyes look brighter.

Finally, apply the most suitable lipstick to the makeup color, and the whole makeup is complete!


4. Comfy Contacts

Contact lenses are convenient, can be customized according to your needs, and can be adapted to your lifestyle-but dry eyes can make wearing contact lenses extremely uncomfortable and make you feel particularly frustrated sometimes. If you give up contact lenses because they are not suitable for dry eye, you may just not have the right lenses for your unique needs. There are many options on the market to meet everyone's needs, but here are some of the best options that will allow you to resume your daily work without any irritation.

CoFANCY's cosmetic contact lenses have been certified by a professional testing organization to ensure that they are safe and reliable. In addition, it can also prevent the occurrence of dry eye. Whether your eyes are big or small, whether your eyes are nearsighted or not, it is a good choice. It can not only turn people's eyes into beautiful purple, but also enlarge the eyes and make the eyes brighter. CoFANCY's cosmetic contact lenses have a variety of diameters and degrees to choose from, suitable for eyes of different sizes and nearsightedness, and can be worn by almost everyone. You must-haves in 2021.


5. The Socially Responsible Face Mask.

If we assume that in the near future we will be accustomed to living with pandemics or even a series of pandemics, then we are currently formulating new social interaction norms. Getting along with others and enjoying their company is vital to our physical and mental health. How do these interactions include the use of masks? In the age of physical distance (ie, "keep a safe space between yourself and other people outside the family"), what will socialization look like? These issues are considered particularly challenging.

The new crown pneumonia pandemic seems to remind many people of the responsibility of protecting all living things. As recognized by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, our health is closely related to the health of the entire environment.

When we re-live with "other people" we need new social behaviors and etiquette, combined with more safety measures. Masks are beginning to become part of a new daily ritual of greeting, drinking coffee together and protecting each other. The role of peers in shaping the behavior of others is very important, and those who do not promise to wear masks will feel pressure from their peers to comply. In addition, he also noticed the "collapse between being in a dangerous state and being in a dangerous state".

Therefore, after the beginning of the new semester, we should insist on wearing masks and keep a reasonable distance from other people.

From the above article, we can see that we can wear comfortable denim and black leggings when we go to school. At the same time, natural color contact lenses are also a good choice. CoFANCY's cosmetic contact lenses have not only passed the inspection of professional institutions, and are not harmful to the eyes, but also have a variety of styles to choose from. If you want to have charming eyes, choose it quickly! In the end, let us not forget that masks are indispensable whether in public places or in schools. In the case of a global epidemic, we must pay attention to our own and everyone’s safety.