Are Daily Lenses A Game Changer?

Daily lenses worn only for one day and discarded when you remove them, daily contacts are typically very thin and have a high water content. Natural deposits from your eyes build up easily on their surface, and they cannot be reused. We offer a large variety of brand-name daily lenses and premium solutions to satisfy all of your contact lens needs.

- Daily Lenses Cannot Be Used Repeatedly - 

Some people believe that by daily caring of the solution will extend the expiration date but daily lenses actually will makes it easy for us to enjoy the fun of fashion and feel different styles every day

- Avoid Long Term Use -

The average wearing time of contact lenses is 6-10 hours. Daily products have a higher water content comparing to other, wearing for a long period of time will burden on the eyes and cause some optical discomfort, the surface of cosmetic contact lenses will precipitate protein and bacteria after a long period .so be careful! 

Overall daily disposable lenses are very suitable for people who don’t have much time to care or wear them occasionally due to work, also if you are a big fan of daily styles and big healthier changes, dailies are absolutely the perfect answer for you !