3-in-1 Coloring Technology

CoFANCY cosmetic contact lenses use 3-in-1 coloring process which is also called sandwich process to blend in with the natural color, with mild materials and safe process to avoid direct contact with the pigment layer on the eyes.

Three-tone lenses incorporate 3 color shades into 1 contact lens. Working in harmony, the colors in 3-tone lenses will provide a unique and natural sparkling effect to the wearer’s eyes. Whatever the natural color of your eyes are, these circle lenses will give those peepers a shine that is hard to miss.

Tear circulation technology means that the edges of our lenses are rounded, tears can smoothly pass between the lens and the eyeball, and the tears circulate between the lens and the eyeball, saying goodbye to the dryness of the eyes.

Take a look at our best selling 3-in-1 Contact Lenses:)

Ice Grape Purple

Mojito Green

Lost Yogurt Blue